Pest Control Problems Are On The Rise

Whether or not you know it, pest problems throughout Boston are on the rise and nobody is safe. Over the course of several years, the City of Boston has gone above and beyond to collect information regarding the city’s pest problems and the information provided is stunning. The information revealed that the number of reported bedbug cases in Boston has soared over the past ten to fifteen years! The problem is not confined to one individual area either. It has spread and has started to impact several neighborhoods.


Not Isolated

Many people are available the bedbug problem within the Allston-Brighton neighborhood and believe that the area is simply problematic, due to its overflow of used furniture. Although this area has received a lot of pest complaints, it is not alone. The city’s Assistance Commissioner of the Inspectional Services Department has admitted that the bugs has also started to impact all neighborhoods within the city. He also suggests that the problem is worsened by students, who commonly purchase used furniture and bedding, moving in and out frequently.


The Responsibilities Of Landlords

Currently, 22 American states have laws, which address bedbugs. Massachusetts doesn’t fit into that category. However, it should be known that landlords do have a few responsibilities. They’re required to make sure that their properties are free of rodents and pests. This includes bed bugs. The Boston Inspectional Services keeps complaints open for a period of six months, since bed bug removal usually requires more than a single treatment. Remember that it is possible for all residents to report a bed bug complaint to the Inspectional Services Department!



Although the pest control problems of Boston can seem frightening, the problem isn’t isolated to this area. Several states and cities throughout the country have also experienced a similar problem. As a homeowner, there are precautions you can take, but you’ll also need to cross your fingers and hope your home doesn’t become a target, if so, get the Pest Control Experts of Boston.

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