Tips For Getting A Good Exterminator

pest-control-sprayAs a resident of Houston, Texas, you need to be aware of the problems that you could face in the future. A storm could blow through and your home’s roof could be damaged. A tree could come crashing down and this could lead to substantial structural damage. Or even worse, your home could be overrun with an annoying pest problem. As soon as your home is infested, it is essential to make contact with a good exterminator in Houston. Below, you’ll find tips for making the right choice.

Request References

First, it is essential to speak with the exterminators in your area and ask for references. Their reaction to this request should be noted. If the company’s representative seems hesitant and not forthcoming, you should be cautious. They may have something to hide. Good companies will be more than happy to offer references, since they’ll know for sure that their past clients will be happy to provide them with a good recommendation.

Seek Consumer Complaints

The Internet has given disgruntled consumers a place where they can unload their frustrations. This is bad for the business, but it is undeniably good for the consumer. By taking the time to search for the company’s name and consumer complaints, you’ll quickly be able to determine whether or not the company is worth your time. Read through the complaints and make sure they’re valid. If they are, it is highly likely the company is nefarious and should be avoided.

Ask About Their Employees

It is essential to remember that a company’s employees are their backbone. The company depends wholeheartedly on their employees to deliver a great service. When consulting with the company’s representative, you should ask them about their hiring procedures. Does the company put their employees through background checks? Are all employees forced to undergo periodic drug screens? You do not want a criminal or drug abuser to be able to roam through your home freely. Therefore, the company should follow these procedures to protect you and your family!

Call The Insurance Company

Next, you will want to consider the company’s insurance. Is their policy valid and is the coverage sufficient? During your conversation with the company representative, you should ask for insurance information. Once you’ve obtained a policy number and the name of the insurance company, you’ll want to contact the company directly. Make sure the insurance policy is paid for and still valid. The potential repercussions involved with working with an uninsured company are enormous! Never take the risk!

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